Confederate Memorial Day in Phoenix – April 24, 2010

Members of the UDC Arizona Division attended the Confederate Memorial Day Ceremony hosted by Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV). The ceremony was held at Greenwood Memorial Cemetery, in Phoenix, AZ. We placed flowers on the graves of fallen soldiers, followed by a wonderful ceremony by the SCV. We do this each year, in honor of our ancestors who died on the battlefield in the War Between the States.

Confederate Memorial Day Phoenix 04-24-10_0381

We then moved onto Wesly Bolin Park in Phoenix for another ceremony at the monument that was originally donated to the City of Phoenix by the United Daughters of the Confederacy in 1961. Flowers were respectfully laid at the base of the monument by UDC members and also by members of a church youth group who was visiting the park.

Mrs. Norma Laitem, President of the UDC Arizona Division, gave a wonderful speech. The attendees were led in prayer by the UDC Arizona Division Chaplain, Barbara Brai. Not only was this a celebration of our fallen heroes, but also a wonderful learning experience for the children. They felt special to be a part of our ceremony.

Confederate Memorial Day Phoenix 04-24-10 at Wesley Bolin Park_0509Confederate Memorial Day Phoenix 04-24-10_0457

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